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Hello and Welcome, I am Mahathi Gorthi, I am a Certified Canfield Trainer and a certified Life Mastery Coach.
Life Mastery is Mastering your Life in Different areas,
This is the place where I bring many different things that play an important role in mastering your life and yourself.

Mahathi Gorthi | Jan 20, 2022

When a person consistently makes effort to follow these 7 rules, which are not that hard to follow, can very easily see the good and the ...

Mahathi Gorthi | Jan 18, 2022

This post will show you the need to keep improving yourself, overtime we stop improving our capabilities, but after reading this blog, you ...

Mahathi Gorthi | Jan 10, 2022

Seeing the Good in yourself is a way to acknowledge that you are enough

Mahathi Gorthi | Jan 07, 2022